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slovenska plaza 01Situated in the very centre of Budva, Slovenska Plaza is a tourist town the main attractions of which are the Mediterranean environment and setting, immediate vicinity of the Slovenska Plaza Beach (1600 metres long), broad possibilities for active holiday and its picturesque green areas. It is set directly on the Adriatic coast and a short 50-metre walk through a park will get you to the beach, while close vicinity of the ancient Old Town, only a 10-minute walk from here, makes its location one of the best in Budva.

The resort Slovenska plaza is one of the first winners of the Eco Label Certificate in Montenegro, the European Union certificate for care and preservation of the environment. The certificate Ecolabel commits the business of the entire complex, which already stands for a green oasis of Budva, to be based on sustainable development with minimal threat to natural resources.

Slovenska plaza is a green oasis in the centre of the town, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by many nourished green areas with a variety of Mediterranean plants. The concept itself is designed to introduce you to widespread plant species of the local area. The ten accommodation villas bear the name of a type of a plant which is located in the atrium of your villa (Cypress, Myrtle, Magnolia, Henna, Palm, Camellia, Oleander, Citrus, Olives, Rosemary).

Sustainability is one of the key corporate values of the resort. The protection of the environment, waste reduce and optimization of energy consumption are given high priority. As an environmentally friendly company, all employees take responsibility and make efforts to protect the environment, save energy and encourage the development of ecology in order for the future generations to have an environment where healthy and good quality of living will be possible.

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The resort offers everything which is needed for a pleasant vacation – from accommodation and food to recreation and entertainment. Restaurants, cafés, boutiques, corner shops, a gallery, tourist agencies, dental and outpatient centres, hairdresser and beauty salons, sports courts, swimming pools – Slovenska Plaza is a town full of greenery in a small area. In the summertime there are numerous festivals and events taking place here. From 15 June to 15 September, there is a summer cinema at the Rondo Pool with a privileged access by hotel guests. Music programme will greet the customers of the Pjaca Restaurant, Rasputin Bar and All Inclusive Bar. In the evening, various theme parties are organised: folklore evenings, salsa evenings, karaoke parties, etc. Aerobics classes, a belly dancing school as well as salsa and zumba lessons, yoga and pilates are all available. The youngest guests may enjoy a children’s play centre with modern equipment in the resort’s close vicinity. A large area will offer them fun in a popular children’s labyrinth and a baby corner intended for the youngest kids, with continuous supervision by friendly staff.

Refurbished accommodation units with the facilities and amenities meeting the necessary requirements constantly draw attention of numerous guests always eager to come back to this resort. Properly marked and interconnected accommodation units of this resort ensure an easy mobility of guests in this place. The rooms are air conditioned and have cable TV, fridge, safe and a private bathroom equipped with a hairdryer.

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Slovenska Plaza has a good restaurant and bar offer.
Primorski restoran (The Seaside Restaurant) is placed at one of the resort’s swimming pools, in natural shade, making a perfect daytime option for rest and indulging in national dishes.

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Restoran Pjaca (The Square Restaurant) is placed in the central square of the resort, after which it was named, and offers a high quality a la carte service. Music programmes each night from 21:00 to 01:00 and folklore programmes several times a week bring special pleasure to tourists. The restaurant, with its outdoor and indoor parts, has 250 seats and works from 09:00 to 01:00.

slovenska plaza 09Habibi Bar, decorated in Oriental style, is attractive for visitors thanks to its evening entertainment programme. The bar is open from 16:00 to 24:00.

Aperitif Bar is a place ideal for refreshment after an intensive day of sports or beach. It offers cakes, pastry and drinks. The capacity of the bar is around 40 persons, and it is open from 07:00 to 23:00.

Raspucin (Rasputin) is a café known in the entire Budva Riviera. With its 50 seats and an appealing location, it attracts customers from the entire Budva. Live music, salsa evenings and fast food at very reasonable prices are the main winning cards of Raspucin. Working hours are from 08:00 to 01:00.

Only twenty meters away from the resort, there is the most famous and the longest Budva beach named Slovenska Plaza, 1600 metres in length. The guests of the resort may use this beach while they can also use the beach equipment in the green belt along the beach with special discounts and good prices.

The resort has two swimming pools, namely Kids Pool and Rondo, the beach equipment therein being included in the price.

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For the youngest guests in the Kids Pool area there are water slides, bouncy castles and entertainment all day long. Theatre shows are played for kids in the evening.

Rondo Pool offers refreshment and daytime rest and entertainment programmes in the evening.


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